Saturday, November 18, 2017

Why I Won't Play Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality gaming is cool technology ever invented. But for my personal reason, I won’t ever play Virtual Reality games. Ever. I am afraid that scary monsters going to pop out into my eyes which stock me so bad or probably a heart attack.
The video game company, Bethesda are known to design very scary monsters. Giant spiders in Elder Scrolls games, and giant bugs in Fallout games. One time, in Fallout 4, I went to The Castle and killing bugs there. But what I didn’t know there was a giant Queen Bug! Ekk! Stock me so bad that I couldn’t play games for two days. Scary!

The Virtual Reality also has a health issues concerns. A person with a very weak heart shouldn’t be using Virtual Reality because anything can happen to that person. I don’t have a weak heart. BUT, I can get nightmares from that! If
I play one game all day, then I will dream about video games at night. That’s how my mind works.
I was browsing the PS4 store and checked out one of Virtual Reality game which states that it is not for under 12 years old. Make sense. But that should also go to for health issues concerns and very, very sensitive person like me.

If a company decide to stop making Video Game console and focus on only Virtual Reality, then this may be my end day of video gaming, because I am a very sensitive person and I am afraid of Virtual Reality Gaming!

Friday, November 17, 2017

Pay to Hear And Truth about Deafness and Hearing Aids

I miss hearing aids. I used to wear them all of my life. Now my hearing aids no longer working, and I can’t afford new hearing aids as they cost thousands of dollars. My insurance won’t cover for hearing aids. The insurance only covers for children. Not fair to an adult who can’t afford hearing aids.

The hearing aids rely on batteries to operating the sounds. I have to buy new batteries every time the old one dies out.

Why I prefer to hear sounds? Because I want to be able to listen to the music as they calm me. The music helps me a lot. Now I am not able to hear music anymore. There is more reason for me to want to hear sounds. When someone trying to call my name. Or I can hear cars coming close to me. Sometimes it helps me understand a little bit when someone is talking to me. But without hearing aids, I can’t understand what they said, as I can’t read lips.
A lot of deaf people doesn’t want to hear sounds because it doesn’t really help them. They’re right. The hearing aids don't help at all. All it does is making sounds louder. That’s it. And the sound deaf people hear are completely different from people who can hear. That’s very true.

I’ve heard stories of people who can hear uses a special device to allow them to hear exactly what deaf people actually hear.
Their response? This is not how sounds hear like. It like a completely different world, out-of-place, or an alien to people who can hear. If they fix my ears to make me be able to hear, the sounds would be so alien to me because it is not what I am used to.
I am so used to what hearing aids make sounds hear like. I remember there’s one story about one woman who loses hearing because her ear’s muscle is closed up. I am no expert on this. But she hasn't heard anything for seven years, then she decided to take a risk to get her ears fixed and finally to be able to hear, and she complains about sounds was so horrible that bother her to death.

Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Day I Got My Driving Permit License

In high school, when I was seventeen years old, I got my first Driving Permit License. Excited about driving a car for the very first time. My Driving Education teacher is a very strict teacher which I like about that because driving a car is dangerous. But personally, I don’t like him because he yelled at me for driving the wrong way. The more he yelled at me, the nervous I am.

What I didn’t realize at that time was I was afraid to drive a car. Why was I afraid to drive a car? Because I was afraid of crashes into a high speeding car or drunk and driving car. I tried to get over my fear for a year, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be able to drive a car on my own, not riding on public transportation. I would be feeling of freedom of go around the city without depending on somebody taking me to someplace in the city. I personally hate depending on somebody for me.

The car’s brake pedal is a very powerful device that it can stop the car really fast. When the teacher asks me to stop the car, I pressed brake pedal hard that it stopped so fast. I was surprised how sensitive the brake pedal can be. Next time and from that time on, I take it easy and presses brake pedal easy and slow the car down to stop the car.
When I use gas pedal, I learned that the speedometer doesn’t stay on one speed. When I get on 30 MPH street, I noticed that the car doesn’t stay on 30 MPH, but it go up and down that I had to keep my eyes on the speedometer to make sure I didn’t go too fast or go too slow, just stay on 30 MPH as I can. I wish the car could stay on one number, 30 MPH because then it would be easier for me.

Often times I made mistakes is taking a turn on right. I learned that you’d have to turn right the perfect way, which is very hard for me to do. As for stop at Stop sign and traffic lights. I couldn’t stop at the right time. I stopped too early. I stop way behind the line and sometimes beyond the line. I have to stop at the line.

Very hard for me to drive a car perfectly.

And no I never passed my Driving Education class for one reason: Too scared to drive!

Wednesday, November 15, 2017

On-Demand TV Apps

I am going to write about On-Demand TV apps. What's so special about it? Well, you can watch Cable channels without your local Cable company. In the past, I've used Sling app for On-Demand TV. But I couldn't pay for it every month as it is way too expensive to afford. It is great app, but can't afford it.

The only apps I've used as non-demand TV is Netflix and Hulu. Until recently, Hulu starting to offer their own On-Demand TV. It is cheaper than Sling TV. About $70 with Premiere channels (HBO, Showtime, and Cinemax). Sling with Premiere channels cost over hundred dollars.

I do have Netflix because they offer a lot of movies but not much of TV shows as Hulu. I also have Hulu as they offer more TV shows than Netflix does. Of course, I do pay On-Demand TV on Hulu as it allows me to watch more TV shows there.

I like being Core-Cutter, but I think I would like Cable TV, too because I couldn't watch Local News on Hulu. Hopefully, I can get Cable TV to get Local News on it.

Welcome to My First Post!

Hello everyone! Thanks for checking out my site! :) I'll post my life, thoughts and another stuff here. Not much going on as I just opened this website today. I will think something to post a new post. In case you wonder who I am, check out my "About DiaryCube" page. I have the photo of myself there!