Friday, November 17, 2017

Pay to Hear And Truth about Deafness and Hearing Aids

I miss hearing aids. I used to wear them all of my life. Now my hearing aids no longer working, and I can’t afford new hearing aids as they cost thousands of dollars. My insurance won’t cover for hearing aids. The insurance only covers for children. Not fair to an adult who can’t afford hearing aids.

The hearing aids rely on batteries to operating the sounds. I have to buy new batteries every time the old one dies out.

Why I prefer to hear sounds? Because I want to be able to listen to the music as they calm me. The music helps me a lot. Now I am not able to hear music anymore. There is more reason for me to want to hear sounds. When someone trying to call my name. Or I can hear cars coming close to me. Sometimes it helps me understand a little bit when someone is talking to me. But without hearing aids, I can’t understand what they said, as I can’t read lips.
A lot of deaf people doesn’t want to hear sounds because it doesn’t really help them. They’re right. The hearing aids don't help at all. All it does is making sounds louder. That’s it. And the sound deaf people hear are completely different from people who can hear. That’s very true.

I’ve heard stories of people who can hear uses a special device to allow them to hear exactly what deaf people actually hear.
Their response? This is not how sounds hear like. It like a completely different world, out-of-place, or an alien to people who can hear. If they fix my ears to make me be able to hear, the sounds would be so alien to me because it is not what I am used to.
I am so used to what hearing aids make sounds hear like. I remember there’s one story about one woman who loses hearing because her ear’s muscle is closed up. I am no expert on this. But she hasn't heard anything for seven years, then she decided to take a risk to get her ears fixed and finally to be able to hear, and she complains about sounds was so horrible that bother her to death.