Thursday, November 16, 2017

The Day I Got My Driving Permit License

In high school, when I was seventeen years old, I got my first Driving Permit License. Excited about driving a car for the very first time. My Driving Education teacher is a very strict teacher which I like about that because driving a car is dangerous. But personally, I don’t like him because he yelled at me for driving the wrong way. The more he yelled at me, the nervous I am.

What I didn’t realize at that time was I was afraid to drive a car. Why was I afraid to drive a car? Because I was afraid of crashes into a high speeding car or drunk and driving car. I tried to get over my fear for a year, but I couldn’t. I wanted to be able to drive a car on my own, not riding on public transportation. I would be feeling of freedom of go around the city without depending on somebody taking me to someplace in the city. I personally hate depending on somebody for me.

The car’s brake pedal is a very powerful device that it can stop the car really fast. When the teacher asks me to stop the car, I pressed brake pedal hard that it stopped so fast. I was surprised how sensitive the brake pedal can be. Next time and from that time on, I take it easy and presses brake pedal easy and slow the car down to stop the car.
When I use gas pedal, I learned that the speedometer doesn’t stay on one speed. When I get on 30 MPH street, I noticed that the car doesn’t stay on 30 MPH, but it go up and down that I had to keep my eyes on the speedometer to make sure I didn’t go too fast or go too slow, just stay on 30 MPH as I can. I wish the car could stay on one number, 30 MPH because then it would be easier for me.

Often times I made mistakes is taking a turn on right. I learned that you’d have to turn right the perfect way, which is very hard for me to do. As for stop at Stop sign and traffic lights. I couldn’t stop at the right time. I stopped too early. I stop way behind the line and sometimes beyond the line. I have to stop at the line.

Very hard for me to drive a car perfectly.

And no I never passed my Driving Education class for one reason: Too scared to drive!