Saturday, November 18, 2017

Why I Won't Play Virtual Reality Games

Virtual Reality gaming is cool technology ever invented. But for my personal reason, I won’t ever play Virtual Reality games. Ever. I am afraid that scary monsters going to pop out into my eyes which stock me so bad or probably a heart attack.
The video game company, Bethesda are known to design very scary monsters. Giant spiders in Elder Scrolls games, and giant bugs in Fallout games. One time, in Fallout 4, I went to The Castle and killing bugs there. But what I didn’t know there was a giant Queen Bug! Ekk! Stock me so bad that I couldn’t play games for two days. Scary!

The Virtual Reality also has a health issues concerns. A person with a very weak heart shouldn’t be using Virtual Reality because anything can happen to that person. I don’t have a weak heart. BUT, I can get nightmares from that! If
I play one game all day, then I will dream about video games at night. That’s how my mind works.
I was browsing the PS4 store and checked out one of Virtual Reality game which states that it is not for under 12 years old. Make sense. But that should also go to for health issues concerns and very, very sensitive person like me.

If a company decide to stop making Video Game console and focus on only Virtual Reality, then this may be my end day of video gaming, because I am a very sensitive person and I am afraid of Virtual Reality Gaming!